Realtime infrastructure at scale, empowering Web3.0

Remove the hassle of building and maintaining your own socket infrastructure. We provide a seamless solution that enables you to easily build you next realtime application.

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"Use LOGICAL operators to selectively query
realtime data sent by publishers"

The Scenario

We want to monitor Turbine power efficiency and power demand in multiple location across the country, in a central user interface.

Create a Tunnel

We create the Tunnel name "Wind Farm Monitor". Tunnels are a secure and isolated grouping of Topics. Think of a NoLag Tunnel as a highway for data to travel from one device to another.

Choose a Topic name

Data traveling through the NoLag Tunnel "Wind Farm Monitor" is attached to two Topic names, "TurbineReadings" and "TurbineControl". The Topic is used to group intent.

Query the data

Using NQL identifiers we can create "reverse" queries, This gives you the ability to redirect or pull realtime data as it happens without needing to build or maintain any complicated infrastructure.


With only a few lines of code, we can now easily monitor turbine efficiency switch turbines on or off based on and power demands.

How it works

"With a few lines of code
access your system data in real-time
with no added infrastructure"


// TypeScript const payload = stringToArrayBuffer( JSON.stringify({ "powerOutput": 120 }) ); nolag.publish("TurbineReadings", payload, // set reverse QUERY, identify which turbine is publishing data ["turbine_one"] );


// TypeScript // subscribe to Topic name "TurbineReadings", // QUERY realtime data sent with identifier // "turbine_one" OR "turbine_two" OR "turbine_three" const windTurbineTopic = nolag.subscribe('TurbineReadings', { OR: [ "turbine_one", "turbine_two", "turbine_three" ], }); // stop QUERYING "turbine_two" OR "turbine_three" // only receive data from "turbine_one" windPowerTopic.removeIdentifiers({ OR: [ "turbine_two", "turbine_three", ], }); // start QUERYING "turbine_two" OR "turbine_three" windPowerTopic.addIdentifiers('windTurbine', { OR: [ "turbine_two", "turbine_three", ], });

Our Commitment to the environment

“At NoLag, we care about the environment. No gimmicks and no marketing spin — we want our children to inherit a liveable planet. NoLag uses Google Eco servers wherever we can. If we can not use a sustainable server for technical reasons, we offset our carbon by donating to the eco warriors of the world.