with device ACL

Fine-grain control over
who can publish or subscribe to which data.

"Secure communication is integral
to NoLag, not an afterthought"

Access Tokens

One of NoLag's fundamental features is data security. Security, in this context, means ensuring that the right data is delivered to the intended destination.

Our Device Tokens empower you with precise control over the access levels granted to each Device Token.

Device Tokens can be managed either through the NoLag portal or via API calls.

All Device Tokens are bound to a specific Tunnel and cannot be used outside of their designated Tunnel.

Device ACL capabilities

  • Set Access Permissions:

    Define the extent of access a device possesses within the associated Tunnel.

    Pub/Sub Permissions:
    • Full Access: Devices can both Publish and Subscribe to Topics.

    • Publish-Only Access: Devices can only Publish to Topics.

    • Subscribe-Only Access: Devices can solely Subscribe to Topics.

  • Token expire:

    Set how long a token is valid for in seconds

  • Default Topics and identifiers

    Specify the Topics and identifiers to which a device can Subscribe or Publish based on the defined Access Permissions.

  • Lock Device:

    Enabling this option restricts devices from Subscribing or Publishing to any Topics other than those linked to the Device Token.

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For more details, explore our developer documentation to learn further about NoLag Device Tokens.

To setup Device token via NoLag API calls , refer to our developer documentation for comprehensive guidance.