Access data
with NoLag Tunnels

Isolated and secure environment data superhighway.

"Navigate the Tunnel highway to access your data securely"

What are Tunnels

Tunnels in NoLag are isolated environments that serve as the bridge between devices. Each Tunnel maintains a list of allowed Topics.

NoLag's approach to Pub/Sub is distinct. To enhance security, we mandate that Topics are created in advance and linked to a specific Tunnel.

What are Topics

To be able to Publish or Subscribe to any data, we need to create a Topic name.

Topic names can be a word or a phrase that convey intent.

All devices seeking specific intent-based information Subscribe to the Topic name. Leveraging NQL identifiers and Device ACL, you exert fine-grained control over message recipients and publishers.

Topic No-Echo

In a conversational Pub/Sub model, avoiding self-"Echos" is a good idea.

With No-Echo enabled on a Topic, a device Subscribing and Publishing on the same Topic name won't receive its own messages.

Example: In a chat room, all devices publish and subscribe to the same Topic name. Activating "NoEcho" on a Topic name ensuring the publisher won't get their own messages echoed back."

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For more details about Tunnels, explore our developer documentation.

For more details about Topic, explore our developer documentation.