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Store or pull data into your real-time environment.

"Save or access your data your way
with NoLag Triggers and Hydration"

Topic Triggers

Triggers are attached to Topics.

When ever data is Published to a Topic, it can "Trigger" and POST that data to your API end-point.

Your API end-point can then save that data to your own DB or mutate it and Publish it back on another Topic name.

Topic Hydration

In the process of removing deltas from real-time data, we created Topic Hydration.

Whenever a device Subscribes to a Topic, the Topic Hydration will pull data from your API endpoint and send it to the device.

Example: Subscribe to Topic name chatRoom; your API will receive a POST request requesting data. Your system will then generate the last 10 messages from the DB and Hydrate the device with those messages.

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You can read more about Trigger and Hydration from the developer documents.